EAST Network within OPTICON in FP7

European Solar astronomy is poised for a quantum leap in capabilities. Plans for a large solar telescope are included in the AstroNet science vision roadmap. EAST will establish groups which will address key objectives towards this goal. Membership of these workgroups will be recruited from within the EAST consortium as well as from other institutes in EAST member states. 

EAST received funding within OPTICON (FP7). The workpackage included annual general assemblies of EAST and the management of network activities. EAST organized 4 scientific meetings in Freiburg (Germnay), Tatransca Lomnica (Slovakia),  Washington (USA), and Oslo (Norway). 


EAST initiatiated the European Research Infrastructure project "SOLARNET". SOLARNET brings together and integrates the major European research infrastructures in the field of high-resolution solar physics, in order to promote their coordinated use and development. This network involves all pertinent European research institutions, infrastructures, and data repositories. Together, these represent first-class facilities. The additional participation by private companies and non-European research institutions maximizes the impact on the world-wide scale.

Networking activities, access to first-class infrastructures and joint research and development activities will be covered under SOLARNET to improve, in quantity and quality, the service provided by this European community. 

In summary:

  • SOLARNET started in April 2013.
  • SOLARNET involves more than 500 solar physics researchers; 32 partners from 16 countries: 24 EU research institutions; 6 EU private companies; 2 USA research institutions.
  • SOLARNET Project achievements will be of paramount relevance to contribute towards the realisation of the 4m European Solar Telescope (EST). 
  • SOLARNET web page: www.solarnet-east.eu